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As you might have heard we developed a DataMatrix reader to scan small codes on instruments.
We believe this is the best and cheapest tool to do this!
The scanner can read codes ranging from 1 - 14mm in size.

Currently we are working to integrate the scanner to the ScopeControl and most likely we will release a software update around the medica which has the doviSCAN functionality in it.

Anybody who want's to pre sample the scanner, let us know. Or else visit us at the Medica!
Menno de Braak
Development team
Some Pics of the DoviSCAN medical datamatrix reader during Medica 2014:


It scans datamatrix codes on metal surfaces easily, very useful to connect it to the ScopeControl.
But also a great tool to scan all of your medical instruments that have data matrix codes on them! 
2 new video's of the new DoviSCAN medical datamatrix reader to demonstrate the scan performance of scanning small datamatrix codes on medical instruments.

It is also a great tool to scan small codes on the tubes like we did in the video, because the focus area is somewhat near the glass cover
it let's you touch the glass window when scanning these small tubes. You don't have to "look" for the code or try to move it in the hot or scan zone.

One of the great features of the DoviSCAN, is that it can be used with any software package or device with an USB connection (e.g. computer, ScopeControl).
Decoding of the DataMatrix code, however, is depending of the language settings of your computer (or other device).

With the wrong DoviSCAN language settings, characters can be mixed up, resulting in displaying faulty information.

To get the right language settings for your DoviSCAN, please select the according options on our website and follow the 3 simple steps!
The language settings can be found at http://w.../doviscan-data-matrix-scanner/doviscan-language-settings/.

Happy scanning!

Remco Balk

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